Sitemap - 2023 - The Daily Kina

“I Don’t Have To Be Anywhere Right Now”

Child Aspires To Be World’s Most Obvious Spy

“Is It Saturday?”

If It’s Wednesday, It’s Flexible Seating Day

Kid Conflicted About Middle School Sushi

Our Critic Attends Local Community Theatre Show

Child Decides To Enjoy Riding a Bicycle

“I Like Fully Cold and Fully Warm”

“I Got My Girls Sellin’!”

Second Grade “A Lot More Work” Than First

Kid Wakes Up At 9 PM To Tell Daddy “Nice Haircut”

“Don’t Clobber It!”

“Doesn’t It Feel Good To Talk?”

Kids Desperately Glue Fallen Leaves To Tree

Kina Reflects On When a Good Time Would Be To Stop Doing The Daily Kina

Second Grade Teacher Makes Good First Impression

Student Gets Ready For First Day Of Second Grade

“You’re Embarrassing Me a Lot This Week!”

“They Are Monsters To Us, We Are Monsters To Them”

Kid Celebrates the Annual Return of Futura

Nega-tive! Nega-tive!

“The Improper Way Of Eating a Burrito Is the Proper Way To Eat a Burrito”

Kid Finds the Silver Lining: Herself

“Yes! Pockets!”

Kid Lands 2nd Grade Class Alignment

Daddy Spends All Day Making Weird-Looking Cake From Scratch

“Do You Even Know How To Be Independent?”

Quarantined Kid Having Best Week In Entire Life

Child Practices Tummy Farts

All Media Rules Go Out the Window As Household Descends Into Quarantine


Daddy Gets Covid Again, Sequesters Self In Room

Sleepy Child Loses Train of Thought

“Daddy Says He’s Gonna Make Wonderland Real!”

ACTUAL ON TIME SUNDAY EDITION: Family Returns Home, Sleeps For Eleven Hours

LATE YESTERDAY EDITION: On Last Night At Beach, Kid Lulled To Sleep By Intermittently Malfunctioning Smoke Detectors

“Let’s Dig Our Signature Hole!”

Vacationer Marvels At Motel Architecture

Kid Blazes Through Jigsaw Puzzle On Rainy Day

“Is This the Other Side of the World or Is This Part of the Roof?”

First Beach Sesh Cut Short By Thunderstorm

Publisher Travels to Maine for Rendezvous With Spaghetti Coconut

Kid Reads Mommy’s Childhood Diaries

Half of a Life

Kid Plays “Guess Who” With Daddy While Sitting on Sidewalk and Watching the Sun Set

Child Makes First Fortune Teller

“You Only Get One Chance To Hear In This Family”

Cannonball Queen Refines Her Style

“Everything Is a Living Thing!”

Chronic Mom Snuggler Requests Mommy Stuffie

“How Come the Weekend Is Only Two Days?”

“There Are Teen Girls In This Camp—TEENS!”

“If You Hadn’t Woken Me Up, I Would Have Slept for the Rest of My Life!”

Kid Begins Weeklong Gymnastics Camp With Sloane

A Return To New York

“We’re Not In America, We’re In San Francisco”

“I Caught Some Fog On My Tongue”

“Once Upon a Time, There Was a Girl Who Noticed Some Things”

Princess Invades the Tonga Room

“Adventure Awaits!”

Bali Time Is Here

“Sure” / “I’m Good”

Child Wanders Mountain In Joyful Fascination As Parents Take Naps


“Bye Beautiful House!”

“You Know How I Make Friends?”

Kina Meets Birthday Twin In Local Park

“There’s So Much I’m Forgetting About My Past Life Because My Brain Is So Caught Up In California!”

“That’s the Thing About Kids: We Have Secrets”

Child Heard Singing “Let It Go” At 4:30 AM

Kid Rocks Pajamas and Unicorn Sunnies for Flight to California

“My Nose Is Full of Snot and Boogers”

Kid Struggles With Notorious Ethical Dilemma

Entrepreneur Prices Bucket of Balloons

“If I Had Powers, I’d Teleport Into the Trunk and Get the Right Flavor Fruit Roll-Up”

“Spider-Man Was Alive When You Were Little?”

A Frolic On the Sandbar

Transit Nerd Takes B48 to Splash Pad

Kid Observes Annual Lift of the Giglio


Kid Disappointed By Thunderstorm

“The Rapunzel Strategy”

“Is There a Substitute Who Could Work For You So We Could Go To the Pool?”

An Encounter With Butterflies

“At the End of Summer, I Will Be Able To Juggle, Make Chocolate, and Take Off My Thumbs”

Parents Return From London, Bearing Gifts

School’s Out For Summer

First Grade Complete ✅

It’s Ken Day!

Aquarium Day! Hotdogs, Fishies, Oatie + Des, Fries, Shake, New Stuffie!

Angry Birds Rationed As “Treat”

Ya-Ya Edition 1: Unique Bkfst Smoothie!

Grandma and Yeh-Yeh Week Begins Today

“We Are All Grey Striped Cats”

Kid Suddenly Swims In Random Pool

Dinner With Teenagers

Daddy Is Still Invited To Local Tea Party

Kid Describes Infinity As “Endless Rainbow Slide”

Kid’s Teacher Is “Best Teacher In All NYC”

Thespian Returns to the Stage As “Middle Billy Goat”

“I Still Think You’re Cool, Daddy”

“Okay! Page 2! Cut Out These Triangles and Tell Me What Brooklyn Is Like!”

Semi-Siblings Take To Arboretum For Roughhousing

Acrobat Participates In THRILLING SHOW OF DANGER

Friends Make Pitch For Eventual Sleepover

“Screaming Is Fun”

The Squirrel Fan Is Concerned

Field Day Cancelled Due To Giant Cloud of Smoke

Parents Taught How To Roll One’s Eyes

“I’m Really Dirty, but That Doesn’t Matter Cuz I Had So Much Fun”

Momminsons, Mr Bossiness, and Princess Snugglemachine

“Don’t Come to the Living Room! Don’t Even Look From Afar!”

Two Days, Two Plays

Kid Demands Several Micro Surprise Parties

The Great Memorial Day Sandstorm of 2023

Kid Gets Best Shoes of Her Entire Life

Child Takes Impromptu Canoe Ride In Newtown Creek

“Extra! Extra!”

Editor To Lead Training At Family Friday

Lasagna for Breakfast

It’s Wacky Wednesday

Kid Reads WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE to the Parents Who Once Read It to Her

Ballerina Twirls To Lilting Strains Of “Surfer Girl”

Teenaged Friends Enjoy Pasta Lunch, Stroll Thru Mall

“Huh! Wouldja Look At That!”

[BONUS UNSENT EDITION] “Was There a Time When Mommy Was Sad and Then When She Looked At Me She Felt Much Better?”

Mayor of Williamsburg Greets Her Constituents

Kid Demands Space

“After We All Die, We Will Come Back As Kitty Scientists”

“Would You Rather Walk Around In Bare Feet All the Time, Even On Weekends, or Fall Off a Cliff and Die?”

Our Conquering Hero

“I Gotta Admit: Otis Is Pretty Cute”

Non-Orphan Asks About Orphanages

“Who Was the First Mommy?”

“At Night, Your Brain Takes Out All Your Old Thoughts So You Have Room For New Ones”

“Don’t Tell Me So Much Truth!”

Kid Gets Face Painted Three Times In Same Day

New Yorker Makes Epic Tour Of Downtown Manhattan

Accidental Royalist Fascinated By Coronation

“Fill Up Your Guts With Funniness!”

“Mommy Pastrami”

“It Was There For a Decade! Can You Believe It?! A Decade!!!”

“I Slept So Hard I Didn’t Even Remember What Color Your Eyes Were”

“Why Do Parents Talk So Much?”

Kina Is the Puzzle Queen

Kid Grants Magic Sticker Powers To Friends, Family

“If You Do Something Bad For the Environment, Your Name Will Be Added To the Book Of Losers”

Kid Identifies Multiple “Backup Friends”

Kid Describes Elaborate Schoolyard Trading Economy

Film Critic Pays First(!) Visit To Movie Theater

“This Is Not an Ordinary Day”

Return of Mommy

“For a Second, I Thought You Were Being Suspicious”

Child Found Sleeping In Living Room

Kid Makes Exception To Daddy Dropoff Policy

“Daddy, It’s My Body”

Daddy Pursues Advanced Braiding Studies

“What Do We Become Next?”

As Spring Break Ends, Daddy-Daughter Week Begins

“How Did My Feet Suddenly Get This Big?”

Kid On High Alert For Water Features As the Spring Days Get Hotter

“Purple Is Compassion”

Spring Break Begins

“You Know What’s Good About the Sky? There’s Always Something In It”

Egg Hunt Mayhem On Governor’s Island

“Life Is the Longest Thing On Earth”

“That’s the Beauty Of New York *smooch smooch*”

The Thump Of Consciousness

“Why Does Daddy Have To Be So Not Realistic?”

Kid Exhibits Sudden, Spooky Independence

The Daily Kina Turns 3

“It’s Top Spring Today!”

Sloane Turns Six In Boughs Of Local Tree

Kid Gets a Library Card

“Why Are You So Much Like This?”

Kina and the First Three Precious Cherry Blossoms

Child Fascinated By Ingredients

First Triple Play (Ground) Of the Year

Child Provides a Dance Floor For Daddy Longlegs

Child Spontaneously Sorts Toy Collection

We Are All Witches

“Ooo It’s Stinky Out Here!”

Parents Mourn Lost Youth As Kid Cracks Self Up

Daddy Ordered To Drop Off Student At Corner

Student Becomes Teacher

Kid Triumphs At the Annual Drawing Of Her Blood

“Check Out My Shady Face”

Kid Tells Spooky Tale Of the Ghost Of Brooklyn Arbor

Entire First Grade Decamps To Theater

Entire First Grade Decamps To Theater

Kid Does 180 Front Flip At Streb!

Critic Attends Performance Of Sleeping Beauty

Strange Child Chooses Salad Over Carbonara

Sick Kiddo Spends Entire Day Asleep In Bed

A Plea For Chaperones

“We Pretend the Whole School Is the Jungle and the Teachers Are Jaguars”

Kid Finally Loses That Tooth

Kid Dictates Diabolically Complex Rules Of Marco Polo

“For You From Kina”

“Daddy’s Staring At Me Interestingly Like I Have a Job”

“You Wanna Know What Life Is About? Life.”

Child Proposes To Eat Second Breakfast

“Earth Is My Favorite Planet Because That’s Where My Family Lives”

“Sometimes, When a Person Is Annoying, Your Body Is Forced To Tell You the Truth About How Much You Love Them”

“The Good News Is: My Tooth Is Wiggly”

“We Hafta Tell the Truth In This Family, Lala”

Mommy + Daddy Off To Staycation!

“You Need To Look At the Person You’re Listening To!”

Attention Chaos! Kina, Lala, and the Three-Body Problem

“It’s Bonding Time!”

“Your Skin Keeps Your Guts From Blobbing Out!”

“Whose Life Is It?”

“When I Sleep, I See Constellations In My Eyes”

“It’s Like Racism, but For Dresses and Gender”

Mathematician Knows Higher Numbers “Like 101”

“You’re Eating Too Gracefully!”

Child Obsessed With Microscopic Face Bugs

Update: Kid Dresses As Senior Citizen On 99th Day Of School

Kid Eats Chicken While Dancing To Beyoncé

Friends Cosplay As Teenagers In Chelsea

Turns Out “Mister Dooginsberg Invented Letter Stamps and Books”

“I Call Them Nice Fights”

“We’re Spying On the Boys”

Child Skeptical Of Valentine Distribution

“No More Timers!”

Child Celebrates Being Grammy-Adjacent

Scientist Finally Tall Enough To Enjoy American Museum of Natural History

Kid Enjoys Brief Out-Of-Body Experience

Finger Guns and a Wink

“She’s Right.”

“I Have a Loving Activity, a Craft Activity, and a Fun Activity”

“What Will Happen To You If You ‘Subscribe’?”

“You Just Scream While Closing Your Mouth”

Merry Prankster Runs Amok

Kid Learns About New Evening Babysitter

“I’m the Scavenger!”

Brilliant Parents Forge Morning Attire Strategy

Refusal To Get Dressed Puts School Arrival At Risk

Kid Disavows Scratch On Daddy’s Neck

Child Transfixed By Ice-Skating Princesses

Happy Lunar New Year

Child Sings Self To Sleep

“What Happens If I Get Stuck In Quicksand?”

“It’s All About 2023!”

Child Suddenly Remembers Being Three

“I Know a Thing or Two, Daddy”

Mommy and Daddy Quizzed About Life Before Parenting

Developer Builds Fort In Unzoned Space Under Bed

Kid Tries To Explain How Google Docs Works

“Do You Want To Make Your Daughter Happy or Not?”

Kid Tells Daddy Not To Wait At Fence After School Drop-Off

“You Know, I Always Worry About You”

Mommy Returns From Vegas With Snow Globe

“I Just Want Them To Finish Saving the Day”

“Oranges Are Healthy Candy”

“Are There Common Things That Are Dangerous In New York?”

Otis Celebrates 1st Birthday

“Daddy—True Or Dare?”

“I Feel Smaller Than I Think”

Princess Strives To Climb Every Boulder In Central Park

Girls Riot Into 2023

Kid Hunts For Hidden Treasure In Greenwich Village