Sitemap - 2022 - The Daily Kina

“Tell This To Babies About the Sun If You Ever See Them:”

Parents Escape To Museum As Kiddo Hangs With Grandparents

Kid Curates a Night Of Games, Soup, and Fun

Ladies Enjoy High Tea At Bergdorf

Child Hits That Yuletide Wall

Kid Awakens Parents Loudly As Sun Rises On Christmas

Critic: “It Tastes So Good Your Brain Will POP OUT!”

Child Says Sorry, Demands Compensatory Apologies

“If You’re Bad, Santa Will Put Krill In Your Stocking”

Child Cursed With Supernatural Hearing

“I Know Why the Arctic Is Cold!! I’m Coming To Tell You Soon!”

Ballerina Visits Ballet

“Smooch Smooch Gotta Go”

Child Rumored To Be Soliciting Gifts From Random Kids At School

“Who Invented That the Weekend Is Only 2 Days?”

“Snuggle Battery” Ruse Proves To Be Effective!

In Attempt To Curb Nighttime Wake-Ups, Mommy Recharges Child’s Snuggle Battery

“I Think Men Need To Hear ‘Bingo!’ From Time To Time”

“I’m Not an Adult, Man”

Now We Are Six

Birthday Spectacle At the Neighborhood Play Space

“Daddy’s Making Up Random Feelings, Mommy!”

Child Subjected To a Tragic Lack Of Entertainment

Daddy Returns From the Printing Plant With Videos of Actual Robots

Kid Asks For “Family Robot”

Daddy Regrettably Loses To Vegetarians

Entire House Smells Like Chili

“The Future Of Newspapers!”

“Knock It Off. That’s What Mommy Tells Me To Do”


Mommy Returns From Vegas With Awesome Dress

Kid Contemplates Restraint

“People Are Different!”

Child Makes Long Journey Home Alone In Back Seat

“I Need Some Space From Your Face”

Child Bamboozled By Thanksgiving Feast


“I Couldn’t Keep My Feet Still For Long and I Didn’t Have Much Oxygen”

Author Publishes Book

Child Asks For Empathy

Kid Makes Beautiful Art For Funeral Guests

“Pictures Don’t Have To Be Realistic”

It’s Field Trip Day!

Girl Crew Schemes To “Hatch a Plan”

“Keep the Kitchen Light On and the Living Room Dim but Not Purple”

Where Did All the Ice Cream Sandwiches Go?

Feats Of Strength At the Breakfast Table

Kid Takes Knuffle Bunny On Whirlwind Tour Of Life

“This Is Not the Dad I Expected You To Be”

Daddy Gets Inked By Local Tattoo Artist

How To Draw a Pig

Kid Announces Visit From Knuffle Bunny


Kid Cheers For At Least Seven Runners

Riot At the Art Opening

Child Reënacts Her Parents’ Meet-Cute

“You Sure There’s No Bedbugs In New York?”

BREAKING: There May Be Another Kina In 2nd Grade

“Noodles Can’t Talk, Bro”

Child Eats 14 Lollipops On Vast Trick Or Treat Tour

Kid Busts Out Another Princess Dress

“Nobody Knows I’m a Scientist,” Whispers Child In Bathtub

Child Knows Where Daddy’s Heart Is

“Tell Siri ‘My Daughter Said To Remind Her [Mommy] To Pace Herself’”

Child Found Smuggling “Makeup” To School In Purse

Kid Being Awfully Helpful

Kid Wakes Up Late!!

Met Visitor Insists On Seeing the Mummies

“My Energy Never Runs Out”

“You Know What? You Should Shave”

“Hey I’m One Of Those Guys In Paris”

“You Can Use Me As a Stuffie—I Don’t Mind”

“I Don’t Want To Go To the Moon Because I Won’t See My Family For a Long Long Long Long Long Long Time”

Kid Dreams of Ms Chelsea

“We Are a Really Competitive Family”

“Would All Of You Like To Feel Your Pumpkins?”

“I’m Really Just Five”

The Mystery of St Anselm

Child Shocked ago Find Mommy Emerging From Bedroom

BACK TO SCHOOL! First time we’re early LALA!

Little Entrepreneur sells homemade Balloons

Child gets first blessing at the Columbus DAY BLESSING OF THE CHILDREN

GO! on to your HONEYMOON!

“I Just Wanna Pull My Feet Off!”

Mommy’s and Kina’s Socks Grow Nearly Indistinguishable

Mommy Thinks She’s the Boss, But the Earth Is the Boss

Return of Streb

Lifelong New Yorker Visits the Panorama

Elderly Couple Have a Little Play Date

Pizza At Twilight, Piñata In the Darkness

“What Did the Witch Say When She Sneezed?”

“Can You Leave the Kitchen Light On and the Living Room Like Yesterday?! The Living Room Was Perfectly Dim Yesterday!”

Queen Visits Battleship

Kid Pays a Visit To Her Favorite Allergist

“Mommy, If I Already Passed It, That Means I Don’t Like It”

Kid Repurposes Balloon As Belt

Daddy Takes a Spill

PTA-Sponsored Penny Drive Tears School Apart

“Oh Great, It’s Midnight”

“You Need To Do Better, Man”

Bedroom Door Slammed!

Play Date With Georgia!

Local Queen Wears White Gloves To Pasta Dinner

“I Like Scary Things But Then I Am Scared Of Them”

“I’m Gonna Snuggle You ‘Til You Flop To the Ground and Then I’ll Flop To the Ground and We Will Turn Into Skulls”

“After You Sleep, Your Brain Restarts, and You Can’t Remember What You Ate For Lunch Yesterday”

“I’m Agreeing With Mommy”

Kid’s Evening School Reports Lack Customary Detail

“Let’s! Get! Partyin’!”

Kina Holds Court In Park For Back-to-School Meetup

Truth or Dare?

Student Awards First Prize to New Teachers


A Summer of Bravery

A Summer With Family

A Summer In the Water

A Summer In Style

Kid Sits On the Toe of the Statue of Liberty

Kid Careens Through Visit to Central Park

A Rager In the Park!

Kid Roleplays Capitalism

“Sheesh! Tell Me How You Really Feel!”

Kid Coasts Through a Late Summer Sunday

Kina Meets Jersey Julian At His Eponymous Shore

Child Asks If Mommy Hand-Picked a Daughter

Kid Snacks On Couch As Mommy Talks About Supply Chain

Child Contemplates Revenge

Big Bouncy Caterpillar Spotted On 34th Street

Kid Detects Parents Hugging Thru Closed Door!!!

A Day Almost Too Busy For News

Kid Magically Learns To Swim On Her Very Own

“Take Your Mind Off Thinking. How About Trying a Bow and Arrow?”

Child Crosses Two Rivers to Visit Splash Pad With Hannah

Kid Pays a Visit To “Juergen’s Evening Salon”

Breaking: Kid Receives Class Assignment

“An Octopus Is Just a Brain”

“Why Is Our House So Small?”

Mommy and Kina Look Out Over Ocean From Lifeguard Chair

On Last Day at Beach House, Child Parties On Porch

Kid Has Best Day Of Her Entire Life

Child Destroys Castle

Kid Looks On As Taffy Is Made

Small Farm Worker Harvests Summer Blueberries

“You Held Him a Little Long”

Cousin Otis Promoted To Kid Brother Otis

Child Absconds To Maine

Star Student Gets Donut + Bubble Party

Kina and Nicky Goof Around On Facetime

Daddy Pays a Visit To “the Butt Doctor”

Happy Song, Grouch Voice

Kid Gets Splinters In Butt

Weather Just Nice Enough to Spend Whole Day Outside

Kid Gets Kinda Stoned As First Tooth Filled

“How’s It Taste?”

Kid Doesn’t Even Feel Tired!

Chuckie Avocado Has Just One Job

“It’s a Dunker!”

Princess Visits Dentist

Well-Dressed Child Unfazed By Heat Wave

“When I Have a Booboo I Put Something Soft On It and Squeeze Until Water Comes Out Of My Eyes and Then I’m Fine”

“I’m Trying To Make My Brain Scary”

Evening Plans Change

Kid Dives Right Back In

“Mommy Woke ME Up!”

“When You Go to a State, It’s Like You’re Moving But You’re Just Visiting”

Can We Fly To New York Today?

Child Suddenly Enjoys Science Museum

Kid Chums It Up With Bali, a Bigger Kid

Farewell, Mountain

Visiting Mountaineer Conquers Local Peaks

“Redwoods Are Christmas Trees for Giants”

Her Majesty’s Loyal Butler Attends to Her Royal Emotions

Parents Return From Languid Coastal Retreat

Gathering Friends is !FUN!

EBB + FLOW—Kina and Lala go to Mama Ocean

Child Choreographs “Life of a Butterfly”

Child Finds Boring July 4th Parade Boring

Trampoline at the Alameda Guest House

Child Makes Her Way to Gate 11

“The Floor Is Lava In Ten, Nine, Eight…”

Local Ballet Troupe Presents 90-Second Recital

Parents Experience Massive Summer Vacation Envy

A Trip to the Zoo

Final Day of School Passes Without Fanfare

“My Brain’s Not Crazy Anymore”

Kindergarten Grads Reunite at the Turtles

Kina, Queen of Tasks

Child Steps Up

“Ms Chelsea Is Like My School Mom”

Kid Finds Laryngitic Dad “More Boring Than Usual”

Scooter, Shoulders, Subway, and Feets

Kina + Futura Visit Morgan Library

Daddy Watches Helplessly As Father’s Day Unfolds Around Him

Kid Draws Crush Triangle

“You’re Just Interrupting Your Own Kid Artist”

“Just Kidding!”

Kid Makes Cinematic Debut

Boogers Everywhere

Small Tattoo Artists Invade Local Block Party

“I Will Not Interrupt You If You Stop Talking”

Kid Receives Surprise Mommy Shipment, Unloads Snuggles

Kid Lands Rigatoni Deal, Then Attempts to Renegotiate

“Why Is It All School, Camp, School, Camp This Week?”


“My Brain Is Going Crazy”

Child and Daddy Sit By the Bank of East River and Watch Waves Break Against the Rocks

Child Meets Adult Friends

“What’s Wrong In the Grand Scheme of Things?”

Local Child Nominated For Playtime Monitor

Parents Sneak Into Classroom


Child Passes Out In Bed After Long Drive Home

Child Completes 100-Piece Puzzle In One Go

“That Playground Was As Exciting As I Expected It To Be”

“Are We In Virginia Yet?”

Artist Featured In Local Group Show

I Am Not a Exprt

Feverish Kid Falls Asleep While Reading Highlights

Boys Are Trouble on the Playground

“It Was a Great Beach Day!”

Tiny Dancer Stumbles Upon East Village Dance Parade

Shakeup In the Seating Chart

Kid Performs Daring Pre-Dawn Snack Raid!

Mysterious Clinginess Creates Dangerous Feedback Loop With Beleaguered Mommy

Kina, Queen of Whispers

Kid Repeats Everything Daddy Says

“You’re Still a Weirdo But You Did a Good Job Today”

Kid Pops Out the Shorts

“Things Should Only Be Named If They Are Real”

“You Know What I’m Gonna Ask, Right?”

Child Asks That Pregnancy Question

Trot, Trot To Boston

Cousins Celebrate First Mutual Mother’s Day

Local Mommy Sponsors Group of Amazing Women, Including One Small Amazing Woman Just Like Her

“What Is the Music Inside Your Brain?”

“My Favorite Part of Day Is the Morning”

“Wow, Daddy Knows a Lot About Marriage”

“How Come You Know So Much?”

Dismantle the Patriarchy

As Birthday Party Unfolds, Parents Abscond For Beer

Kid Culls Stuffie Population

Local Student Wraps Up Epic Week of Snacks

“I Have Been Training You For Many Years”

Weather Report: “Still?! This Is Drivin’ Me Crazy!”

“Mommy, Promise Me When You Go To Space You DO NOT Get Out Of the Rocket Ship!”

Kid Draws a Comforting Note For Mommy

Extended Family Visits Governor’s Island

Child and Her Lala Explore the Neighborhood In Excruciating Detail

Sleep Peep Over At Lala’s!

“Imagine You Were Mommy and You Never Got To Read Any Books”

“How Are We Born Knowing Things?”

Wackiness Levels Reach All-Time High

Child Greets Neighborhood From Lala’s Tiny Balcony

“Why Is the Night So Long?”

Kina Locates All the Eggs

Celebrity Chef Assists Mommy In Preparation Of Breakfast Strata

Kid’s Arms See Sunlight For First Time In Four Month

“Today Is a Sometimes Day”

“Don’t Forget Our Morning Ritual!”

“I Don’t Tell Daddy What To Do”

“You Guys Are the Weirdest Parents I’ve Ever Had”

“I Don’t Know What I’m Thinking but I Can Still Talk”

“Ms. Chelsea Said Something Special Happened Last Night”

Kid’s FaceTime Joke Makes Conference Stage

Kid Recites Litany of Knock Knock Jokes to Daddy on Facetime While Taking a Bath

Kid Imagines Toenail Never Getting Cut, Growing So Big It Breaks Her Window

Kid Loses First Tooth

“Oh, Nothing, Nothing—Too Boring For Adults To Know”

Two Years Of Days

Daddy Does Embarrassing Dance At School Drop-Off

“I Know All the People’s Choices! Easier For Me!”

“Would You Rather Hit the Bricks, Hit the Wall, or Get Movin?”

“The Whole Point of Kindergarten Is Learning To Listen”

Math Teacher Challenges Family With Word Problem

“Why Do We Have To Do Anything We Want and Run Around Our Whole Lives?”

“I’m Drawing What’s In the Blackness Of My Eyes”

Baby Tooth Gets Wiggly

Kid Distracted From Important Memory By Sound Of Mommy Drinking

“How Do We Grow Up?”

“The Soup Is For God,” Claim Recess Soup Friends

“If You Were Wearing Cooler Sunglasses You Would Snap & Put Your Finger In a Sideways ‘L’ & Everybody Would Want Money From U”

Child’s Wedding Dream Finally Comes True

Child Writes Love Notes To Birds

Child Makes Family Stand Amid Field Of “Powerful Gems”

All Children Suddenly Fascinated By Leprechauns

Rowdy Class Benched In Physical Education

Kid Goes To Nurse With Lunch-Involved Tummyache

“You Have Been In This House For Many Years”

Child's Sense of Absence and Time Grows More Nuanced

Kid Requests Permission To Leave Apartment Alone

There Are Many Kinds Of Friends

Our Investigations Uncover Underground Lipstick Club

Friends Eat Contraband Sweets In Dark Corners Of Playground

“No Shoes In House” Rule Bent For Kina’s Sparkly Shoes

“Stop Telling Me To Do What I Want To Do When I’m Doing It”

Mommy, Daughter Take a Little Tour Of the City

Kid, Daddy Have Little Talk About Emotions

I Love You Mommy Dada

Kid Admits That Some Dreams Are “Made Up”

Child Allegedly Running Illicit Art Club At School

Kid Has First-Class Ticket On the Bedtime Blimp

“Let’s Just Drive Around and Look At the View”

Ken Returns From Olympics

No, Kid Does Not Have To Go Potty

Am I Supposed To Teach This Child About War Now?

Theory: Kina Digs Shy Girls

First Day Of Camp!

Big Girl Attends To Needs Of Small Visiting Friends

Child Defends Baby Otis From Ridicule

Do Scarecrows Scare Crows?

Mommy Enjoys First Spa Night In Two Years

“Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!”

Kid Offers Wisdom To Pre-K Kid Seen Crying On Way To School

Snuggle Machine Not Working!

“I Already Know What I Want and You Don’t Have To Tell Me!”

Genius Visits Math Museum

Child Wants To Live With Parents Forever

“Our Night Is Your Day + Our Day Is Your Night”

“Christina Can Brush My Teeth”

Lasagna Night!

“We’re Practicing Our Victory—Why Don’t We Just Enjoy It?”

“It’s Wintertime and It’s Hot So… That Makes Sense To Me!”

Child Develops Excellent Sense of Color Blocking

Chinatown Devoid of Lions

Kid Kicks Off 3rd Straight Month With Random Single-Day Covid Panic

“Big Man, Small Umbrella!”

Child Cannot Remember Life Before Pandemic

Kid Issues Desperate Plea For Lunchbox

“Who Has a Destiny? I Don’t Have a Destiny!”

Sled Adventure Periodically Interrupted By Weeping

Parents Negotiate Trip Into Tundra With Snow-Hesitant Child

Snowstorm Strikes Area Outside Bedroom Window

Morning Toothbrush Ritual Like Pulling Teeth, But For Cleaning Teeth

Reading Skills Escalate

Child Lists All the Ways In Which Daddy Is Not Elsa

Students Find Gainful Employment In Classroom

“When Did Space Come Alive? When Did the Earth Come Alive?”

Gramma, Ya-Ya Hit the Road

Student Shares Her “Community Board”

“Hey What Smells Interesting In Here?”

“Wait—It Just Goes In a Circle?”

“I Love Your Soop”

“Please, No Chart. Nope!”

Cinemaphile Cozies Up To a Movie At the Drive-In

Child Cradles Newborn Cousin

Pajamas At School, Uniform At Night

Kid Wonders What the Point Of the Word Game Is

Showdown At Colgate Ranch

Have You Seen This Glove??

Pajama-Wearing Student Bends School Uniform Rules

Child Takes To the Ice

“I’m Fully Vaccinated!”

Kid, Mommy Make Angels On First Snowy Day Of Year

Professional Swabber More Skilled Than Daddy

Cousin Otis Is Born

Kid Abhors Nose Swabs

Bedtime Story Told Entirely In Cat Language

“Good Luck! Have Fun At the Olympics!”

Kid Disappointed That Vast Light Show In Botanical Garden Is Not a Planetarium

Child Rings In New Year Well Past Bedtime