Sitemap - 2021 - The Daily Kina

Kid Evidently Huge Fan Of Pop Divas

“You Are the Moon and Mommy Is the Sun”

Child Learns To Limbo As Family Explores New Indoor Fun Activities

“What Queen Would Go In a Castle Without No Crown?”

“You’ve Been Talking For Ten Years!!”

Child Presides Over Equitable Distribution Of Family Gifts

Very Patient Kid Finally Gets To Unwrap Presents

“Now You’re Sad About One Thing & Happy About One Thing”

Child Issues Formal Apology To Mommy

Kid Snuggles Into “Hibernating Place”

Princess Performs Annual Crown Audit

Family Unearths Early Pandemic Cache Of Play-Doh

“Pasta, Pancakes, and Picadillo”

Kid To Receive 1st Vaccine, Just In Time For Omicron

“Don’t Even Think About It!”

Teenagerologist Releases Preliminary Observations

Breaking: “Mommy Can’t Read My Brain”

Kid Struggles With Emotions

“Hmm I Look Big!”

Birthday Girl Excited For Carousel Party

Now She Is Five

“What Happens After You’re Old?”

“Scissors Picks Nose!”

Kid Tears Down, Throws Away Patience Chart

“Draw a Hook! Give It a Shoe! That’s the Way We Make a Two!”

Child Decorates Tree

Kid Reflects On Concept of Generosity

“Mommy Is My Giving Things Robot”

Brave Child Survives Nose Test, Is Negative

Kid Writes Debut Novel

Child Named “Star Student”

“I’ll Make a Card”

Daddy-Daughter Time!

Kid Traverses San Francisco Bay By Catamaran

Princess Visits Fiberglass Fairytale Theme Park

Kid Pounds Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Stuffin’, Ice Cream At Lalagiving

“I Only Like Good Vibes”

Happy Happy

Happy Birthday Mommy

Child Discovers New Trampoline At Lala’s House

Child Lands Safely In San Francisco

Child Takes Flight

Kid Struggles To Choose Best Stuffie For Plane

Ms Chelsea Is Great

Kid Experiences First Game of “Goose, Goose, Duck”

Kid Spots Teachers Chuckling In the Cafeteria

“I Don’t Mind If You’re Wrong Cuz I Don’t Know It Either”

Kid Meticulously Adorns Entire Face With Stickers

Mommy Hires Small Bodyguard

“I’m Gonna Listen To Songs By Beardog”

“Check Or X?”

Surprise! It’s Picture Day!

“Pretend You’re a Piñata and When You Burst, Tickles Come Out”

“My Dream Is To Be In High School”

Child Meets Full-Size Princess In Bathroom Of Tex-Mex Restaurant

“Daddy Has Disco Ball Eyes!”

Kid and Daddy Discuss Increase In Crying Events


Kid Returns To the Polls

Child Demands Remaining Candy Be Hidden From View

Children Raid Adjoining Neighborhood For Sugar

After Nearly Five Years, Kid Finally Has Face Painted

“Dadders, We Are Off the Rails!”

Kid Unveils 2021 Halloween Costume

Living In the Shadow Of Mount Kinatubo

Family Observes Sharp Uptick In Underwear Jokes

Kid Hasn’t Seen Former Classmate In “10, Maybe 20 Years”

Kid Completes Rare Playground Hat-Trick

Two Small Children Scale Very Tall Island Mountain

Child Rewrites Rules Of Memory Card Game To Be More About Cats

“I Can’t Wait To Be Five!”

“Show Me How You Engineer”

“Look How I Innovated It!”

Kid Pays a Visit To School Nurse

Kid Spontaneously Leans How To Swing Herself

“Slow Your Roll, Mommy”

Daddy Waits Longingly At End Of Schoolyard For Kid To Wave Goodbye From Over the Fence

“Everybody At the School Likes Me!”

“We Don’t Have To Follow the Rules”

Bedtime Story Within Bedtime Story Blows Kid’s Mind

When Was Baby Lucy Born?

Study Shows Kid Is Source Of Renewable Energy

“No Fast Forwarding! I’m Still Having Fun, Guys!”

“That Was the Most Amazing Play Space I Have Ever Been To!”

Sleepy Bedtime Kid Requests “The 17th Story”

Kid’s Hair Grows Outward, Stays Same Length

Pippi Longstocking “Also Rich”, Claims New Exposé

Child Cracks Herself Up With Math Words

“I Still Love You, Mommy, Even Though You Losed”

Kid Appreciates Sculpture By Rolling Down Large Hill Atop Which It Sits

“You Don’t Know About Organizing, Daddy”

School News Embargo Amended To Permit Lunch Discussions

“It’s the Day After Tomorrow and Today Is the Day After Yesterday Which Is Right Now”

Ms. Chelsea Proclaims Arrival of Substitute Teacher

Shocking: Teachers “All Live On Top Of the School!!”

Kid Characteristically Uninterested In Birthday Party

First Pony Ride, 8 Dollars

Kid Declares Strawberries “Too Basic”

Kid Demands Reading Of Illustrated Hindu Epic Before Getting Dressed

Breaking Dream News!

Child Time-Blocks Entire Day With 3-Minute Hourglass

“All Day Tomorrow Is Fire Drills”

Kid Assembles Band of Marauding Acquaintances At Park

Mysterious Wizard Charms Crowd At Feast of San Gennaro

Kid Reveals Second-Breakfast Strategy

Scientist Explains Dinosaur Extinction Event

Kid Assigns Names To Classmates

Local Students Open Crown Factory

Kindergarten Drop-Off Proves Uneventful

Publisher Awakens To 1st Day of Kindergarten

“We Don’t Talk About the Past In This Family”

Sloanie Surprise

Kid Dictates Script For New Octonauts Episode

What Is Kina Looking Forward To In School?

Children Drift Home From Summer Vacations

Child Eats Noodles Just a Few Feet From AOC

Kid Surveys Bronx Zoo In Pouring Rain

Professional Horticulturist Tours Gardens at Gov. Island

Kid Lectures Parents About Atmosphere

“Everybody Wanted To Play With Me Today!”

Kid Oblivious To Varied Crises of Climate and Human Rights

Kid Wistfully Recalls Events of Early Pandemic

Rodney Playground Renamed As “Strawberry Playground”

Kid Identifies Airplane Carrying Lala Home To Oakland

Child Whispers In Secrecy

Parents Talk About Vaccine “All the Time”, Sez Kid

Mom + Dad On Once In a Blue 🌙 ❤️ Date Night ❤️

“But How Do We Go Poop, Is the Question”

Shocking: Carousel in DUMBO Closed For Day!

Kina + Lala Roam the Mists

Lala’s Arrival By Plane Foretold By Child

“You Don’t Get My Mother’s Cool, Glamorous Style”

“Call the Specialist!”

Child Finally Realizes What Karaoke Mic Is For

Child Lists Everybody She Has Ever Met

“What Are We Gonna Do Yesterday?”

Child Informed That Movie Theaters Exist

Sea Child Spends Hours In Shallow End of Massive Pool

The Age of Discovery

Child Somehow Gains Energy From Oppressive Humidity

Milk Comes Out Of Cows’ [REDACTED]

“Pools Are So Relaxing While Riding Floaties In the White Hot Sun”

Kid Busts Out Some “Old Jokes”

Screamy Friends Make Scene At Local Restaurant, Smoosh Faces Together

“Now You Guys Are Old”

“Toasted Out” Enters Common Vernacular

“Don’t Be Mean To Yourself”

“Ugh Go To Sleep Baby, You Woke Me Up Ten Times”

Tasty Broccoli Is “Too Juicy”

“Daddy, You Have To Find Your Doppelgänger”

Child Masters Finger Whistle

Singalong Fanatic Shows the Toddler Set How It’s Done

Little New Yorker Dances Among the Ruins of Astroland

“I Dreamt About a Lot of Food”

“I Am the Nicest Girl in the World”

Sleepless Child Soothed By Daddy’s Calm Story

“The Sky Is So Relaxing While Drinking Ice-Cold Smoothies”

“Don’t Worry, Nobody Will Laugh At You”

Kid Takes Long Awaited Ride On Fish Carousel

Ozymandias Insists On Building Castles In the Surf

Kid Wakes Parents With Laser Light Show

Kid Requests Wedgie Removal

“What’s This 🎶 Lovely Smell 🎶?”

“Show ‘Spect!”

“Sh*t,” Whispers Child

Child Accepts Fate During Long Drive Back To New York

“Horizon, Huh?”

Kid Responsibly Babysits Infant Cousin

Kid Runs In Vast Looping Spirals Carved In Sand

“Does the Ocean Have Feelings?”

Sea Daddy, Land Mommy

River Shark Menaces Pool-Going Family

Child Miraculously Survives Long Drive To Maine

Baby Rainbow Unicorn and Niki Hit Up Local Festival

“I Don’t Like Clowns”

“Can You Please! Stop! Talking!”

“You Guys Are Dumpers!”

Waves Extra Tumbly At Kid’s Favorite Beach!!

Child Masters Improv Rhymin’

Kid Bends Entire House of Children To Her Will

Child Finally Introduced To Yip-Yip Aliens

“I Look Too Chic!”

“Have a Good Day, Daddy! I Hope People Don’t Make Fun of You!”

“Daddy, You Are an Intense Human”

“Tell Me a Medium Story That Will Impress Me”

“We Should Hold Hands When We Go To Space!”

Producer Strikes Movie Deal

“I Just Love New People!”

Big Girl Graduates From Pre-K

Witch Casts Spells From Table At Sidewalk Café

“Now Let’s Put Our Hands Up and Say Love!”

“I Tried My Best”

Kid Requests “King Song” During Car Ride

Kid Only Prefers Father While Submerged In Ocean

“I Like Burning Hot Eggs”

“Will I See Your Bones If You Explode?”

“Sorry For Kicking You In the Face”

“You Want To Know What Is a Good Question?”

Child Agrees To Be Mommy’s Kid Forever

“My Brain’s a Little Wingly Today”

“Does a Sundial Work At Night?”

“Are We In Philly Yet?”

Child Issues Unprecedented Number of Daddy Hugs

“Happy Birthday, Daddy!”

“I Change Colors Every Year”

“Teachers Have Coworkers?!”

Kid Enjoys Quiet Dinner With Futura

Child Demands Long Swim In Frigid Waves At 1st Beach of Summer

Child’s Rug Develops Weird Funky Smell

“I Don’t Eat Purée Anymore”

Kid Unknowingly Snuggles Daddy Before Realizing That He Is Not Mommy

Child Destroys Fan While Researching Floating Scarves

TV Critic Has Questions About Mare of Easttown

“Did You Dream the Same Dream As Me?”

“It’s Just About Havin’ Fun”

“Can You Please Stop Talking About Traditions?”

“Oh No, I Plucked Out of the Zoom”

“Say… What… I… Say…”

Daddy’s Got a Wonky Back

“Stop Giving Me Choices!”

The Turtles Are On

Kid Takes Ferry To Governor’s Island

Routine Daddy-Punching Raises Concerns Among Local Daddies

Story Bird Flies In From Jamaica

Publisher’s Evening Plan Released

Tiny Ballerina Teaches Port de Bras to Oblivious Parents

“This Is Just How Daddy’s Mind Works”

Butterflies Born In Secrecy

Kina and Niki Show Renewed For Another Season

Child Demands Emancipation

“Are You Standing In the Kitchen?!”

“Look At Something Else!”

Kid Learns How Spiders “Balloon”

Kid Makes “Reservation” for “Brunch”

Child Befriends Rando

Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy

“When We Move To the Country Will a Tornado Come + Take Our House?”

Hannah Joins Mother’s Day Luncheon With Lala

Tiny Nurse Gives Gentle Kisses to Slumbering Dad

“Don’t Be Too Crazy Today, Lala”

“When You’re an Adult, You Notice You’re Old”

Child Assembles Search Party at Waterfront

Kid Sings Chipper New Song

Lala Arrives To Great Fanfare

“We Can’t Launch It Today, I Hafta Watch My Baby. Okay Bye.”

“Feel Free To Exercise While I Sleep”

“I Don’t Know How To Do Gentle!”

Stories Take Dark Turn As Child Casually Explores Death

“The Way I Am Is How I Need To Be!”

Dolphins Frolic Near Shore at Child’s Favorite Beach

“Are! You! Gon! Noo! Play! With! Me!”

Li’l Melittologist Knows Everything About Bees

“Every Day I’m Angry, I Light This Candle”

“Baby Rainbow Cat Got Her Vaccine + Is Still Wearing Mask”

Happy Birthday, Hannah

Mommy Describes Child As “Funky Elf”

Outdoor Birthdays Resurgent

“I’m Allergic to Breath!”

“Did You Know That All Of You Are Related To the World?”

Child Concocts Elaborate Pool Strategy

Grandma, Yeh-Yeh Head Home

“Just Givin’ Ya Fist Bumps!”

Mommy and Daddy Return From Miserable Day Alone


Publisher’s Official Portrait Taken in Local Schoolyard

Grandma and Yeh-Yeh Pay a Visit!

Kina Kina Bo Bina Banana Fana Fo Fina Me My Mo Mina

“Sloane Told Me I’m Not Four!”

“The Newspaper Doesn’t Have to Cost Anything”

“Great Week, Guys!”

Child Celebrates Arrival of Easter

The Daily Kina Is a Big Girl Now

“I Love You Guys So Much”

Kid Demands Hug Parity

Child Dresses Self at Dawn

“There Were Space Flowers. They Were Pink.”

“Did You Hear the Quiet Noise Outside?”

Big Girl Requires Minimal Adult Supervision

“Come, Sit. I Promise I Won’t Bite You”

“I Deserve a Special Reword”

“I Don’t Want a New Tradition!”

Denied Extra Hugs, Child Pivots to Demanding Night Kisses

Chef Kina Makes Oatmeal Parm

Dr. Pam Issues Emergency Overnight Hug Ban

Child Baffled By Huge Lazy Babies

“It’s Okay If You Make Mistakes”

“People Get To Say What They Want”

“We Can Handle This Together!”

“Take Your Time, Guys”

“I’ll Have Some Soup In the Middle of the Day!”

Little Warlord Rules the Weekend Playground With Iron Fist

“Is It Still the Weekend?!”

Vaccine Rate On the Rise Among Grandparents

“Why Are You Being Happy If I’m Mean?”

“Do You Have Any New Ideas?”

Kid Spends Entire Sunny Day Playing Outside In Park

“Can I Go To Dance Class If I Wear My Mask?”

“I’m a Good Mean Detector”

The Treat Promise

“Just Tossin’ Ideas Around!”

“Where There’s Three People, There’s Love”

“I’m the Produsah!”

“You Have to Tell the Future!”

“Do This, Daddy—It Will Relax You And Stretch You Out”

“Good Job, Me!”

Daddy Tries to Explain Asian Identity to Asian-American Child

“Daddy’s the One That’s Funky”

“After COVID We’ll Do It”

“I’m Super Big and Just Keep Growing and Growing”

“I'm Sorry I Can't Be With You, I Have To Move To a New House”

Eggs Must Be Hot

“This Is My Favorite Part!”

“Daddies Are Usually Geniuses”

Kid Tells Frenetic Stories for Two Straight Hours

Simone Returns

Happy Birthday Grandma

“We Are Fake Adults!”

“I Like to Make Sandwiches Out of My Favorite Food”

“You’re Just an Old Man!”

“I Love Mommy, Daddy, and All My Friends on Earth”

“Gung Hee Fat Toy!”

“I Was Talking to the Monster”

“Why Are There So Many Bones?”

“I’m Tired Of This Room!”

Unclear If Kid's Dreams Are Real Or Invented

“Adults Are Doing Football?”

Panda Returns From Rehab

Sleeper Insists on Open Door

“You Wish For What You Get”

Daddy Is Pregnant!

“I Do What I Wanna Do!”

“I Have So Many Surprises For You”

Pandemic Snow Day!

Bakery Guy Admires Kid’s Poofy Hat

Hiding Spot Survey Conducted

Queens Stay Asleep in the Daytime

House Raconteur Back on the Scene


“You Love Me a Lot. I Love Mommy. Mommy Loves You. You Love Mommy. I Love You.”

Brussels Sprouts Proven Tasty After All

Kid Traverses East Village While Screaming "I Love You!"

“The Snuggle Goes Through the Snuggle Wire”

Daddy + Kid Both Find Heartbreak in Time Out

“Cheers to Democracy, People!”

Child Blissfully Unaware of Transfer of Power

“I Don’t Like Choices!”

Kid Bristles at Stringent Maternal Guidelines

“Go in Peace and Safety. Be Cozy.”

“Stop Looking at Me!!!”

“The Deal Is Off!”

Hello Kitty Burned Her Butt!!!

Lecture on Mendelian Inheritance Delivered to Rapt Morning Audience

Child Finds Throwing Ball Hilarious

Child Lays Out a Plan for the Day

Child Gets Lost

“When I Say a Word, You Say ‘Good Question’”

Kina Gets Annual Checkup

As Insurrection Unfolds, Child Cries Over Chicken

“Do Babies Like to Be Cozy?”

Audit: Parents Inconsistent in Enforcement of Bedtime Rules

Holiday Draws to a Close

“Mama I Need You!!!”

“All Right... A Pile of Fries!”

Child Learns About Resolutions

“Mommy Will You Ever Be Bigger Than Daddy?”