Sitemap - 2020 - The Daily Kina

“Okay I’m Done With All This Talking. Let’s Get This Over With.”

“This Is the Best Day of My Life”

Family Watches Paddington, Eats Marmalade

“We Have Wolf Energy!”

Kid Suddenly Fascinated by Mister Rogers

Kid Has Santa-Related Questions

Kid “Not Sure” She Won’t Open Presents

Kid Not a Cookie Monster Fiend

Cozy Child Yells at Underdressed Passerby

Child Encounters Giant Snowman in LES

Impatient New Yorker Berates Stoplights

“I’m Working Right Now. Go Find Something To Do Buddy”

Child Adopts Wayward Snow Chunks

Outraged Child Performs Elaborate Pantomime

“Whooooooooa I’m Flying Aroouuund!”

“We Can Still Have It Even If It Is Broken”

Publisher Feels Better

Pukey Night Stymies Plans

“What?! So Many Happy Birthdays Around Here!”

Kina is Four

Family Declares Post-Pandemic Plans

“I Wanna Be a Straight-Hair Mommy, Not a Curly-Hair Mommy”

“Sorry I’m Just So Excited!”

“I’m Not a Child. I’m a Queen!”

Burlingame, Talking Fist, Goes to Time Out for Waking Baby Rainbow Cat

“Did Your Daughter Just Say Something Weird to Me and I’m Crushed?”

Kid Invites Random Playground Children to Nonexistent Birthday Party

Vandal Destroys First Ornament of Season

“Is Batman a Show?”

Kid Regales Family With Cherished Memories

Child Abandons Nightly Ritual Kiss Take-Back

In Shocking Turn, Child Allows Parents to Select Music in Car

Inaugural Apartment Xmas Tree Selected

“No Relaxing!”

Supermarket Accused of Price Gouging

Kid Learns That The Daily Kina Has Readers

“Oranges Come From Florida”

“You’re My Best Mommy in the World”

“You Should Send Me Pictures of Water Towers”

“Daddy I Don’t Like the Ticktick Sound”

“I Farted, Daddy”

Tiny Coach Gives Inspiring Speech

Kid Honks Imaginary Horn In Imaginary Car

Everybody Should Take Turns Speaking

Swing Tyrant Grows Irascible

“Time Flies and Life’s Too Short”

If We Make Steak the Smoke Will Set Off the Smoke Detector and It Will Go Out and Fill Up the Neighborhood and We're Gonna Get In Trouble and We Will Have To Move Somewhere Else Where There's No Steak

“Sorry! It’s OK!”

We Don’t Say “Stupid” In This House

“I’m Done By You! I’m Gonna Lock It”

Child Asks About Bygone Cat

“Let Me Speak a Word”

“Mommy, Are You Doing a Happy Cry?”

“Oof Daddy I Hit the Wall”

Long Week Calls for Spa Moment

Concept of Voting Taught in Local Precinct

Doctor Snuggles Patient

Kid Insists on Being Called “Your Majesty”

“I Can’t Say Sorry Because I’m Eating”

She-Ra and Elsa Trade Candy, Jokes at Local Park

She-Ra Gives Rambling Halloween Interview

“Wear a Max!”

“What Feelings Does Daddy Feel?”

“Is There More in the Pot If I Want Some More?”

“Daddy, Your Shoulder Smells Like a Hot Oven!”

“Settle Down, Me!”

Legendary Stylist Christina Braids Kid’s New ‘Do

Master of Disguise Impersonates Family Members

“I’m Here to Save Everyone From This Pretend Fire!”

“I Still Love You Even When I’m Mean”

A Perplexing New Chant Emerges

School Goes Sideways in Unfamiliar House

Kid Explains Communication to Grandparents

In Grandparents’ House, a Child Reigns

Kid Packs Road Trip Essentials

Kid Extra Stompy

Everybody Has Their Lane

Daredevil Makes Leap From Dresser to Bed

“If It Is Dark, Just Turn Your Head + I’ll Be There”

“You Eat Pretend Ketchup, I Will Eat Music”

“Remember Before When We Had Rules?”

Kid Draws Self-Portrait

Scientists Explore Kid’s Sense of Time

Child Weeps Inconsolably For Lack of Cheez

“I Have To Handle All These Babies”

The Opposite of Me Is You

Child Eats First S’more

Kid Visits Bronx Zoo

“Can You Look In My Brain and See Flowers?”

Kid Excited For Flu Shot

Mommy Escapes!

Child Plans for Winter

Child Pretends to Take International Flight

Kid Imagines What Mommy’s Work Is Like

Intense Fashion Model Refuses to Smile

Kid Offers Sage Advice For These Times

Tough Ballerina Menaces Local Family

“I Just Like Really Small Bugs Like Ants”

Kid Sacrifices Puppy to Tummy Monster

Kid Dons Autumnal Layers

Experts Say Child's Voice “Still Squeaky”

Parental Love Acknowledged, Unrequited

Kid Has First 1-on-1 With New Teacher

Child Tells Extremely Quiet Story

“I’ve Seen You a Million Times Today!”

It Is Technically the First Day of School

Pretend Ice Cream Is Not For Real Eating

Acorn Collector Amasses Huge Cache

Child Sleeps Between Playgrounds

Everything Is Useless For Everyone!

Kid Apologizes To Sleepless Daddy

Kid Demands Socks and Slippers for the House

Kina Has Eaten the Plums

Father Tackled Repeatedly in Local Park

She-Ra Finale Deeply Moving

3-Year-Old Amused By Video Of 2-Year-Old

Kid Dictates Letter to Self

Mosquito Bite Relatively Minor

Child Settles For Pudding

Nobody Knows Anything About School

Prehistoric Child Is Territorial

Child Visits Best Playground in World

“I Will Love Everybody Who Needs a Hug”

Marine Explorer Discovers Bathtub Whirlpool

“Where Does Coronavirus Come From?”

Bunny Puppet Says “Hello Mister Guy!”

Brave Child Demonstrates Power Poses

“There Are So Many Things I Do When It's Night”

“I Like My Strawberries Chubby”

“You Really Chunkin On That Mozzarella, Hot Stuff”

Kid Buries Daddy in Pillows

Kid Has Lived So Many Places

“Lookit This Enormous Thing I Brought To You”

“Hey Mom Smell This”

Kid Fascinated By Paper Planetarium

Tummy Troubles in Kinaland

“I’m Trying To Get My Shadow Offa Me!”

Marine Biologist Identifies Fave Jellies

“I Do Impressive Things To Scare People”

Changing Table Useless For Big Girls

Kid Spontaneously Sings “Mahna Mahna”

Water Balloon Declared Missing At Dawn

Masked Kid Takes Subway

“I Have a Frickin’ Booboo”

Kid Rediscovers “Goodnight Moon”

Hannah Stays For Dinner

Parents Feign Deep Sleep at 5 AM

Child Makes Ill-Advised Visit to Hurricane

“Rice Car” Goes Home

Parent Group Urges Politeness

Kid Enchanted By Giant Hole at Beach

Publisher Meddles With Editorial Direction of TDK

As Heat Bears Down, a Dad and Kid Watch Moana

“I Wanna Be a Kid and Be With Mommy Forever”

We Are All Octonauts Now

Kid Inquires as to the Origins of Things

Kid Solemnly Admits to Being Angry

In Local Playground, a Child's Hair Is Cut

Child, Annoyed, Rolls Her Eyes

Kid Fears Hiccups Will Last Forever

“If We Open the Window, Will We Get Wet?

Parents Resort to Singing Conversation

On a Hot Day, a Story of Two Parks

Kid Enjoys Pasta Picnic in Zentals Park

Brooklyn Child is Overtired

Potty Neophyte Turns Educator

Kid Doesn’t Like Wrong Kind of Cheese

“What Do You Do During the Day and Night?

Kid Lays Out a Solid Plan

Opinion: It Is Bad to Wake Up at 5:30

Water Balloon Lasts All Day

Small Child Expresses Big Feelings

Daily Kina Publishes 100th Edition

Kid Calls Imaginary Job

Witchy Vibes Intensify

Kid Eats Pizza Incorrectly

Kid Sounds Out the Word “Cat”

Kid Dunks Head in Atlantic Ocean

Family Celebrates End of Fireworks Season

Kid Invents Nachos

“Gentle Pushover” Game Kicks Off Season

Researchers Study Daddy-Hitting Activity

Last Day of First Year of School

Child Finally Spots Elusive Wild Rainbow

Kid Reunites With Futura, School Bestie

Sunday Edition: Grungy Stuffies Get a Bath

June 27, 2020: Kid Bids Hyped Farewell to Teachers