Child skeptical of Youtube calls to action

January 2023

Child discovers the secret of whistling—and also a key tactic for surviving the modern condition
Engages in acts of hilarious petty theft with babysitter and parents
She is skeptical of novel guardian but agrees to arrangement in exchange for afternoon movie time
Child ferrets things away, to her mother’s great dismay
Kina convinced to get dressed BEFORE breakfast; landmark shift in morning ritual, off to school early
Legislators struggle deep into 8:10 AM to reach agreement
“You should go to the doctor and get a bandaid”
Tags along with Sloane to Disney on Ice, waves furiously at characters, demands Olaf snow cone
Kid asks what bunny colors will go well with red
Lilting sings of “Battle Chorale” from Centaurworld emerge from dark bedroom of ostensibly sleeping child
Daddy whips up a little non-Newtonian fluid before bedtime to help explain and forestall nightmares