Why subscribe?

Why, indeed? In any normal moment in history, the daily musings and activities of a random small child would generate interest only among that child’s grandparents, but this is not a normal moment in history, and I can assure you that the Daily Kina is among the most mindlessly soothing publications for citizens of a world going down in flames. And also for grandparents.

What about the Instagram feed?

If you know about it, it’s still there. This is for people who don’t have Instagram, don’t like Instagram, don’t like me on Instagram, or simply want the Daily Kina to distract them in their email inboxes in addition to on Instagram.

What’s different about this?

Not much. It’s a big picture of a piece of paper that we draw on with washable markers. Maybe I will type stuff also, but I’m trying to make this easy, so probably don’t expect long essays. Except on Sundays, sometimes, and when I’m really motivated.

What’s the deal with the price?

Every day I ask her the price, and on most days it’s three dollars, because she is three. Somewhere in 2020, it spiked to thirty bucks, for reasons she has not yet explained to me. Lately, the price is a random adjective.

What’s the deal with Oakwul?

Oakwul is a cash register. It was a big deal in the early lockdown, and you had to be there.

How long have you been doing this?

Since the entire family got sick with COVID-19 at the end of March of 2020. Every day.

How long can you keep going?

Typically, my passion projects peter out at around 100 days, so new subscribers can expect about ten days of newsletters, followed by a long period of silence, followed in turn by an apology and a promise to publish more, which will go unfulfilled. But maybe this time is different! [edit: It was different]

So wait, should I subscribe or not?

As Kina would say, “whatever”. Help her pay for college. Offset the cost of mixed media notebooks and Crayola markers. It’s all welcome.

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